Where to play?

Our study on growth of leading companies suggests “value creation performance without top-line growth is not sustainable”. Growth is essential for both survival and share-holder performance. Globally and across India, particularly in Indian financial services, 80-90% of growth is driven by granular understanding of “where to compete?” as against “how to compete?”

Indian financial services is expected to grow at a CAGR of 18-20% over next 5 years. Given the diverse nature of the opportunities, ability to identify “which product sub-segments to compete?” becomes critical. Several players in the market have successfully built niches in key sub-segments.

We offer a toolkit to help decide, “which sub-segments to target?” across key banking products. More specifically, for retail loans, we offer this across 14 key products – Auto loans, Commercial Vehicle loans, Tractor loans, Mortgage, Loan against property, Commodity finance, Kisan credit card, Agri processor funding, Other rural retail loans, Education loan, Consumer durable loans, Gold loans, Credit cards & Loan against shares.

The toolkit includes overall opportunity assessment, key drivers of growth, sub-segment wise opportunity (geography, income-segment, profession, channel-wise, sub-product types, concentration of bad assets, etc.), understanding of competitor offerings, “voice of customers” and potential product ideas.

Our delivery model is geared towards “impact creation”. As part of the offering, we also run 4 top-team workshops, one per quarter on key sub-segment opportunity. We also provide dedicated support during annual planning and budgeting process to aid decision making