Services we provide


As a “strategy” firm, we are committed to deliver solutions to out-compete the market. We specialize in offering three core questions of strategy:

  • Where to play
  • How to play
  • Financial and resource implications of play

Along these three questions, we help clients create blue-print of their strategy:

Where to play?

We believe, 80% of the value-creation opportunities are driven by “where to play”. This is the single most important question in strategy making. We provide granular insights into “which sub-segments to play”. Here, we leverage our in-depth understanding of infrastructure and banking sector to provide opportunity space for our clients. We evaluate competitor’s behavior, and regulatory hurdles before finalizing the solutions for “where to play”?

How to play?

We help solve key business model questions in “how to play”. These questions are around

  • What should be the sales and relationship model?
  • What should be operations architecture?
  • What is the organization structure?
  • What are the other enablers – technology, channel, back-office, etc.?

Financial and resource implications of the play?

In this, we help answer

  • What should be the 3 year and 5 year P&L and balance sheet?
  • What should be the key financial metrics or constraints in business planning – CASA ratio, net NPA, RoE, branch break-even, etc.?
  • What are the resource implications – manpower, additional capabilities, etc.?
Value creating initiatives: from concept to P&L impact

Si-Creva prides itself for its impact oriented approach to advisory. We underpin our support to clients with direct, visible and immediate P&L  impact that enhances value for them.

  • Our CASA growth initiative has resulted in CASA ratios improving by over 5 percentage points and leading to RoE improvements of 2 to 4 percent
  • Our risk, NPA and recovery management initiative improves net NPAs by over 40% and improves recovery rate by over 50%
  • Our capital optimisation initiative reduces RWA for banks by as much as 10%
  • We have improved sales force productivity in life insurance companies we have served by over 25%

The numbers above are illustrative and exemplify our value-added approach to advisory. Such advise and support, grounded in sound business rationale, has created additional profits of USD 1 billion in companies we have served.

Transaction advisory

As part of transaction advisory, our focus is to help our clients find inorganic value creating opportunities through partnerships, joint ventures and outright acquisition. Our team brings combination of practical and market-beating ideas through a pre-diligence scan; effective marketing to potential partners, supported with transparent, well-documented, and quick processes. We support our clients in the conducting of the negotiations and help create a roadmap for maximizing synergy realization.

Si-Creva has a dedicated service line to support private equity clients and other investors with financial and commercial due diligence support augmented by on-demand research and insights.

Program management and capability building

Effective management of initiatives: Si-Creva strongly believes in an effective management of initiatives. Our extensive experience and research indicates that 90% of the project success can be attributed to effective program management rather than intrinsics about the project.

End-to-end support: Our standard service model is such that we not only provide support in conceptualizing the right program for implementation of a strategic initiative but also provide end to end implementation support.

Engagement of all stakeholders: We pride ourselves in providing rigorous project management ensuring through monitoring and follow through while working with all stakeholders in the client organisation to get a broader buy-in and alignment.

Capability building: Just like every initiative is followed by program to deliver on the initiative. Si-Creva believes it imperative to provide client capability building for continued success of the initiative. Every program Si-Creva conducts, includes client capability building support to fill the skill gaps and ensure that the right level of talent is developed to ensure further development and sustainability of the initiative.

Support across multiple themes: Si-Creva’s capability building theme provides support to clients and organisations across multiple themes including leadership development and sales stimulation. For example, sales stimulation can be effectively brought about by conducting targeted product training.

Ready to deploy modules: We have more than 50 package training modules across various topics that broadly cover the themes we have expertise on. Despite being ready to deploy modules they contain several critical elements that can be altered to create a very tailored training solution.