Our team

Our core team brings strong experience across following areas – banking, insurance, financial services, public private partnership, and transaction advisory. The team comprises of professionals with MBA degrees from reputed places like Indian Institute of Management (IIMs), Yale University, Harvard University, University of Chicago, etc.

We provide strong emphasis on client servicing, and to provide best of services across the globe, we have 4 key functions – Client Engagement, Research and Intelligence, Partnership, Analytics groups.

Client Engagement Group

Client Engagement group takes the leading role in engaging clients on strategic and value creation topics. The team brings the experience of consulting on strategic issues and helps clients with problem identification, business planning, launching value-creation initiatives, and helping drive the implementation. The team also brings an unparallel experience of working on transaction advisory.

Research and Intelligence

Research and Intelligence group thrives towards providing distinctive research to our clients. The core team brings strong knowledge building experience across banking and financial services. The team provides critical enablers for delivery of high quality solutions to the client engagement team. The team also helps develop “standardised products”. The team leverages combination of primary and secondary sources, augmented with proprietary analyses to provide deep knowledge in financial services.

Partnership group

We believe, client needs are unique and sometimes requires high domain expertise in specific areas. Our partnership group works with individual experts, institutions and companies with specific capabilities to bring the best expertise to our clients. This group spans global network with strong ties with financial services companies across developed and emerging countries. Our agility in providing the best expertise from across the globe is a true proposition to our clients. This group also helps in capability and technology transfer to our client companies through BOT (Build Operate Transfer) model.

Analytics group

The analytics group helps client engagement with providing the extra edge to solve complex and data-intensive business problems. The team brings deep experience in mathematics, statistics, computer science and econometrics. This team specialises in problem-solving leveraging advance tools (e.g., SPSS, SAS) and techniques (e.g., Monte Carlo Simulation, CHAID Analysis).